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After almost 35 years in Glendale, California, the ANABOLIC Companies have re-located fifty miles further south in Irvine, California.  The new plant is in the impressive Irvine Industrial Complex in Orange County.

Surrounded by companies representing all marketing areas, the Anabolic facilities are on Gillette Drive just off the San Diego Freeway and approximately one mile from the rapidly expanding Orange County Airport.

The Irvine Complex is one of Orange County's foremost prestige industrial parks, designed and master-planned to eventually encompass an area of about 4,000 acres.  Currently, and concentrated within an area of 1600 acres, are more than 250 new plants representing companies from all over the United States.  Adjacent to the complex itself are various business and services which support the companies within the complex.

Originally, the entire Anabolic facilities were housed on two floors of a loft-type building in Chicago, Illinois.  Expansion outmoded these facilities and in 1940 the companies moved west to Glendale, California, where they have remained until just recently.

Increased public interest innutrition, a swelling interest in the health food industry, and more particularly, a tremendously increased demand for Anabolic's professional products dictated the need for a new and more efficient plant.

The new facilities will be housed in a 50,000 square foot building so designed that it can be expanded with a minimum of expense to almost twice that size.  Land was purchased with such expansion in mind.  One a one shift basis, the new facilities will be able to produce 2½ to 3 times the output of the former quarters in Glendale.

Company officials project a rewarding future for all divisions of the company.


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